Angelina Jolie | Angelina Jolie extends her hand, shares videos and photos to help Turkey-Syria earthquake victims


Photo – Instagram

Mumbai: The condition of the people is getting worse due to the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria. Here the death toll is not taking the name of stopping. Dead bodies are continuously being found in the debris of buildings. At the same time, the death toll due to earthquake has reached more than 28 thousand. So there the number of injured has also reached close to one lakh. At the same time, American actress Angelina Jolie has extended her hand to help the victims.

He has shared some heart-wrenching pictures from the earthquake in Turkey and Syria on his Instagram account, as well as shared a video. In which a person is seen pleading for help. In one picture, a father is seen sitting holding the hand of his daughter. who is buried in the rubble.

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Sharing the post, Angelina Jolie wrote, “My heart goes out to the people of Syria and Turkey. It is hard to fathom the unimaginable pain so many families are suffering at this time. I was sent this by a friend from inside northwest Syria. I have chosen to support @the_whitehelmets and @turkishphilanthropyfunds. I hope others will consider giving too, so they can continue their work of saving lives.” Fans are praising him by liking this post of his.

More than four and a half lakh people have liked this post of his so far. Let everyone be surprised to see this terrible scene. More than 95 countries are sending help here to save people from this devastation in Turkey. Rescue operation is going on continuously.


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