And now the SDM issued a summons in the name of the governor, there was a commotion in the Raj Bhavan Punjabi news


...and now the SDM issued a summons to the Governor to appear, there was a commotion in the Raj Bhavan
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UP News. SDM in Badayu of Uttar Pradesh in connection with a case Governor (Governor) Summons issued to Anandiben Patel. After this summons was issued, a reply has been sent from the Governor’s Secretariat to SP Verma, SDM of Badaun Sadar. In this reply it has been said that summons cannot be sent to the Governor in this manner. The District Officer i.e. DM Badaun has been instructed to take appropriate action. According to information, this entire matter was related to compensation of a land.

A complaint was lodged here by Chandrahas of Loda Baheri. The plaintiff himself PWD officer and the governor of the state Anandiben Patel (Anandiben Patel) was made a party in his case. When the matter was heard, summons were issued to both the parties to appear. Meanwhile, summons were also issued in the name of the governor.

Summons violation of Article 361 of the Constitution

There was commotion when the summons of SDM reached the Governor’s Secretariat. Badri Nath Singh, Special Secretary to the Governor, has filed an objection and sent a reply to the SDM. In this reply, it has been written that the summons sent by the SDM to the Governor is a violation of Article 361 of the Constitution and is objectionable. In this reply, Special Secretary Badri Singh has asked DM Badayun to take appropriate action in this matter and has also asked That no such case should be repeated in future.

The governor was asked to appear

Let us tell you that Mr SDM (SDM) SP Verma sent this summons to the Governor on October 7, 2023. In this summons, the governor was ordered to appear before the SDM court on October 18. It contained all the information related to the date of appearance. When this summons reached the secretariat, the DM was instructed to take appropriate action on it.