Akshay Kumar Net Worth: How much Akshay Kumar earns from a movie, you will be surprised to know the net worth of Mr. Khiladi.

Akshay Kumar Birthday 2023 Net Worth : Today is Bollywood actress Khiladi Kumar’s birthday. Akshay Kumar has turned 56 years old. Akshay Kumar appears in many films in a year. Akshay Kumar was also seen in the recently released film ‘Oh My God 2’. Apart from films, Akshay Kumar also appears in advertisements and brand promotions. Actor Akshay is included in the list of top actors of Bollywood cinema. His house in Mumbai is very luxurious. Apart from this, Akshay’s car and bike collection is also amazing. Let’s know how much Akshay earns from movies and advertisements and what is his net worth.

Akshay Kumar’s luxury house

Akshay Kumar is married to actress Twinkle Khanna. Both have two children. Akshay lives with his wife and two children in Juhu area of ​​Mumbai. They have a luxurious bungalow here on Prime Beach. The balcony of his bungalow offers a view of the Arabian Sea. Akshay Kumar owns many real estate properties in India and abroad. Akshay had Canadian citizenship, but he again applied for Indian citizenship and got it.

Akshay Kumar’s car collection

Actor Akshay Kumar is famous for his stunts. In his films, he has been seen doing stunts on helicopters and vehicles. But his own collection of vehicles is also impressive. According to media reports, Akshay Kumar has a total of 11 luxury cars. His car collection includes vehicles from Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Honda CRV and Porsche brands. His vehicles are worth crores. Akshay also has a collection of bikes of big and expensive brands.

Akshay Kumar Earnings

Talking about earnings, Akshay Kumar is one of the highest paid actors in the industry. Akshay does four to five films every year. Akshay Kumar charges Rs 45 crore for a film. Akshay charges Rs 6 crore for brand endorsement. Akshay Kumar earns more than 4 crore rupees every month. His annual income is more than 50 crore rupees. According to media reports, Akshay Kumar has also made a personal investment of Rs 300 crore.

Akshay Kumar net worth

Talking about earnings, Akshay Kumar is one of the highest paid actors in the industry. Akshay Kumar, who leads a healthy lifestyle along with luxury life, has a net worth of 273 million dollars i.e. 2050 crore rupees.

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