After 15 years of marriage, the husband was made a 'brother', you will be surprised to know the reason, read the full news

After 15 years of marriage, the husband was made a 'brother', you will be surprised to know the reason, read the full news


The relationship between husband and wife is very special in this world. At the time of marriage, both vow to live and die together and promise to take care of each other through thick and thin. There is no other relationship like it. But have you ever heard of husband and wife changing their relationship to become siblings? One such case has come to light in America where a woman (husband wife become brother sister USA) made her husband her brother only after a few years of marriage. Apart from this she married another person and now all three live together.

According to The Sun website, the story of Chris, who lives in Texas, USA, is shocking. The story begins with 16-year-old Chris, who falls in love with a man named Brandon. The two live in '90s love, sending each other handwritten letters, CDs of their favorite songs and going to the beach. After a few years in August 2006, the two got married. Chris was 22 years old at that time. Everything seems to be a dream but when the dream breaks, it hurts a lot.

Brother became husband
Something similar happened to Chris when exactly two years later, when she turned 24, she received the news that her husband Brandon had been the victim of a terrible car accident. Her life was saved but she remained in coma for 2 months. After coming out of the coma, his therapy continued for several months. He also suffered a brain injury, which left him dependent on a wheelchair and requiring help from Chris to carry out daily activities. Gradually, Chris developed a sense of service rather than love for Brandon. Brandon also began to think of her as a sister rather than a wife and Chris as a big brother. He said in a video on TikTok that it was better for him to call that relationship as a sibling.

The wife started online dating
Even though there were changes in their relationship, Chris was always available to Brandon and served him. However, about two years after the accident, she realized that she no longer wanted to be in this situation. She had to move on in life, but not leave Brandon behind. Brandon didn't mind either, because he knew Chris wanted a family, wanted kids. The two were not in a romantic relationship, but Chris took care of her and was her legal guardian. In 2014, Chris started online dating and met James.

Made her husband a brother and married a new man.
James was a single dad, so he could understand Chris's compulsions very well. She didn't mind that Chris wanted to take care of her husband while still in a relationship with her. The two men met each other and liked their company. Chris was also happy with this. According to The Sun, it is not known when Kris and Brendan divorced, but Kris married James and her ex-husband fully supported her in the move. Now lives with Brendan, James and Chris. They have a very good relationship. Brandon and James had a good time drinking beer together.


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