A train running on the tracks without a driver


A major train accident has been avoided today. According to information, a train was running on the track without a driver for several kilometers. At the Kathua railway station, the driver of the freight train started the engine without applying the hand brake and got down. Due to the slope towards Pathankot, the goods train started moving.

In fact, the goods train (14806R) from Kathua in Jammu and Kashmir reached Punjab without a driver-guard. The freight train continued to run like this for about 78 km. It was stopped by installing wooden stoppers at Uchi Bassi railway station in Hoshiarpur. After the incident, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav has ordered an inquiry.

When the railway officials came to know about the running of the goods train, they tried to stop it at Kathua railway station, but they were not successful. After some time the freight train picked up speed. In no time the speed of the goods train reached 80/KM per hour.

The officials of Kathua railway station immediately contacted the railway officials of Sujanpur railway station in Pathankot, Punjab. An attempt was also made to stop the train there. Stoppers were installed on the railway line. This time also the attempt failed and the goods train crossed the station. After this, an attempt was made to stop the goods train at Pathankot Cantt, Kandrodi, Mirthal, Bangla and Mukerian.

Slowly the speed of the goods train started to decrease. Finally, the goods train stopped with a wooden stopper at Uchi Bassi railway station in Hoshiarpur.