A new bypass of Patiala made as a model town drain


Model Town Drain Covering Project: Punjab Health Minister Dr. Balbir Singh has thanked Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann for inaugurating the important project of covering the model town drain completed at a cost of Rs 25.60 crore in Patiala Rural Constituency.

Punjab Health Minister Dr. Balbir Singh said that with the commencement of this project, the people of the area have got a big relief and with the completion of this project, the face of Patiala Rural Constituency has changed. He said that there was a long-standing demand of the people for the renovation of this drain, which starts from near Hasanpur village on Sirhind road and passes through Patiala city and falls into Jacob drain near Main village, but the previous governments never paid attention to it.

The minister further said that now with the Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann completing it in record time, the drain has been covered for about 5 km and the road adjacent to it has been widened, with which Nabha can be reached beyond Sirhind Road and Bhadson Road. The road has been developed as a bypass connecting the road and this will provide a major relief from the traffic problem.

Meanwhile, the residents of the area, Chief Minister and Health Minister Dr. Thanks to Balbir Singh. They say that the Model Town Drain has become a new bypass for Patiala, on this drain from village Hasanpur to Monday’s Mandi, Deep Nagar, Vikas Nagar and Ranjit Nagar Chowk and further from Tiwana Chowk to Babu Singh Colony. Green belts (parks) have been constructed at two places around this drain.

Around this drain, Sahari colonies like Hasanpur, Siwana, Jhil, Ranjit Nagar, Vikas Nagar, Deep Nagar, Anand Nagar, Ekta Vihar, Prem Nagar, Ablowal, Adarsh ​​Colony, Sarabha Nagar, Babu Singh Colony etc. are settled around this drain. The residents of this place have benefited greatly from the development of this drain.

It is to be mentioned that this drain used to collect rainwater from the area of ​​these colonies, but now due to the dense population and the drain being open from above, garbage, cattle dung and other wastes are thrown into this drain and the flow of water during the rainy season is reduced. Along with the obstruction, the smell was spreading in the environment of the nearby colonies, but now it has come to an end.

Manholes have been constructed for cleaning at a distance of 100-100 feet between the pipeline and the rainwater drainage of the nearby colonies is being done by making tanks in the manholes constructed in the pipeline. Along with- 2 already constructed road widened by laying pipe line in the drain and filling it with soil after laying interlocking tiles, a wide road has been prepared for traffic.

According to the project, the diameter of the model town drain is 1600 mm from 35500 to 44200. (2 Pipe Lines) NP-3 RCC Pipes and towers 44200 to 52156 1200 m. M. (4 feet dia) N.P. 3 RCC The piped drain is covered with soil from above and only rain water will be drained in this pipe line.

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