A big bomb blast in Kerala, shook the whole area, high alert issued: VIDEO

Three blasts took place one after the other at the convention center in Ernakulam, Kerala on Sunday morning, in which one person was killed and 36 people were injured, who have been admitted to a nearby hospital. At the time when these explosions took place, the prayers of people belonging to the Christian community were going on in the convention center.

The video of this incident has also come out, in which an atmosphere of chaos can be seen. People are running here and there. The chairs are on fire. Some people are removing chairs from there so that the fire doesn’t get worse. Looking at this fire, it is clear that this explosion was not of low density, otherwise the flames would not have been so high.

The bombers seem to have known how many people were involved. Appropriate reiki was performed prior to the blast. That is why more than two thousand people were present there when the explosion took place and when the fire broke out, one person died, while 36 people were injured.

According to information, a three-day prayer meeting was organized by the Pentecostal group of the Christian community in a convention center in Ernakulam. Today is the last day of this prayer meeting. Minutes after the meeting began today, three blasts took place, killing one person and injuring 36 people. A team from NIA Kochi is reaching the spot along with forensic experts, this team will investigate the type of explosives used in the blast.