4 signs tell that there has been an attack of cholesterol in the arteries, do this work from now on, you will not have to repent later



When bad cholesterol increases, its effect starts appearing on the hands and feet.
Sometimes nails start exploding when cholesterol increases.

High Cholesterol Symptoms: Cholesterol is a very important thing for humans. It is a kind of fat which is like sticky wax. Many hormones and cell membranes are formed in the body due to cholesterol. You will be surprised to know that if cholesterol does not remain in the body then we will not be able to live for long. Cholesterol makes many hormones in the body including testosterone, estrogen hormones. Apart from this, cholesterol is needed to boost metabolism. Despite being so beneficial, cholesterol also puts life in danger. Actually, there are two types of cholesterol. If LDL i.e. bad cholesterol increases, then it becomes an enemy for us.

Bad cholesterol attacks very stealthily. Although there are some such signs in the body, on the basis of which you can guess that there is going to be an attack of cholesterol in the body. For this, it is important to know what these signs are.

these are signs of high cholesterol

1. Numbness and swelling in hands and feet- TOI According to the news, when bad cholesterol increases in the body, its effect starts appearing on the hands and feet. When bad cholesterol increases, the supply of blood in the hands and feet starts decreasing. Due to this, the color of the veins starts changing and swelling and numbness starts coming in them. This also causes a lot of pain. Hands and feet also start getting weak.

2. Rashes start coming in the skin-Due to increase in bad cholesterol, sticky substance starts accumulating in the blood vessels. It brings rashes or bumps on the skin. These rashes are visible in many parts of the body. Due to this, bulges appear under your eyes, in the back, in the feet and in the palm.

3. Nails start to deteriorateWhen more cholesterol starts accumulating in the blood, it dilates the arteries. Due to this, blood does not reach different parts of the body. Nails also become its victim. Due to this, dark lines start forming in the nails. Sometimes nails start exploding. At the same time, the nails become thin and brown in color.

4. Yellow spots around the eyesWhen cholesterol increases, yellow spots start forming around the eyes. If bad cholesterol increases too much, these spots reach the nose. This is called Xantheplasma palpebrarum (XP).

Cholesterol does not increase, what to do
To prevent cholesterol from increasing, from the age of 20, make food and drink healthy and leave bad habits. Just limit the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, processed food, pizza burgers, packaged things etc. Eat healthy food. For example, increase the intake of seasonal green vegetables, whole grains, fruits etc. Good cholesterol can be increased by regular exercise. Good cholesterol can also be increased by avoiding fried things, smoke and alcohol. If the good cholesterol has decreased, then the doctor also advises to increase it through some medicines.

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