39 coins came out of the young man’s stomach


A strange incident has come to light in the capital of the country, Delhi. A person was admitted to Gangaram Hospital in a condition hanging between life and death. This 26-year-old youth from Delhi was a victim of mental illness. She had abdominal pain for 20 consecutive days and continued vomiting. He had not eaten anything properly for about 20 days. Everything he ate came out through vomit. When he was brought to the emergency room of Delhi's Gangaram Hospital, what the doctors saw shocked him.

Bagalkot: Doctors remove 187 coins from man's stomach | Latest News India -  Hindustan Times

During the medical examination, 39 coins were found in the patient's stomach. These coins were of one, two and five rupees. Apart from this, 37 small and large magnetic coins were found, which were of different sizes. Some were triangular, some heart-shaped. Once even the doctors were surprised how so many coins reached this person's stomach. During interrogation, the patient told the doctors that he believed that zinc was present in these metals and if he swallowed these coins, he would become healthy and zinc would reach his body in sufficient quantity.

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Somehow doctors saved this patient's life by treating him properly. All the coins were taken out of his belly. The patient had to stay in the hospital for 7 days. After this he was discharged. Before sending the man home, the doctors counseled him not to put anything unwanted in his stomach. Doing so can prove fatal.

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