30 minutes to walk 10km! Bengaluru becomes the second slowest city in the world! Name of this city at number one


The problem of traffic jam is often seen in big cities of the world. Due to traffic jams, it often happens that even a journey of a few kilometers is completed in hours. In this regard, a recent survey makes shocking revelations about the cities of India. Geolocation technology specialist has released a latest survey through vehicle tracking technology, in which Bengaluru has been described as the second slowest city in the world. There is no Indian city at number 1 in this list. What does this survey say? Let us tell you.

Geolocation Technology Specialist TomTom a fresh one from survey Has been done In this, London has been described as the slowest city in the world in terms of traffic jams. It takes 36 minutes 20 seconds to walk 10 kilometers here. Along with this, another information has been given about it that according to the cost of driving, it is the second most expensive city in the world. On the other hand, Bengaluru has come on the second number in this matter. It takes 29 minutes and 10 seconds to cover a distance of 10 kms here. This has been revealed in the survey. That is, if you go from point A to point B in Bangalore, then you have to spend at least half an hour in it. traffic jam Bangalore often remains in the news for.

Names of other cities of India have been given in this list. In which Pune has got the 6th number. In this context, Pune becomes the second slowest city in India. It takes 20 minutes and 20 seconds to cover a distance of 10 kilometers here. The report said that the slowest cities include those cities which have a large network of road networks. These cities, after London, have been named Paris, Dublin, Rome, Minas and Bucharest, which are the slowest in the world.

If you look at the cost of driving a vehicle, then North Carolina is said to be the cheapest city in America. It costs the least to run a petrol vehicle here. The situation is different for diesel vehicles. Tucson, Arizona is the cheapest city in the US for diesel vehicles, the survey says. This study is quite surprising. While developed cities should be faster in terms of speed, the situation seems opposite.

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