You also have a plan to get bank FD, now you will get more benefit, HDFC Bank has increased interest rates


HDFC Bank: If you are also planning to get FD in the bank, then there is good news for you. HDFC Bank customers of private sector will get more benefit on Bank FD (Fixed Deposit Interest Rates). HDFC Bank has also increased the interest rates of fixed deposits. So before making a fixed deposit, you should also check the latest rates-

Gives FD up to 10 years
HDFC Bank has increased 10 basis points on select bank FDs. The bank provides the facility of bank FD to the customers from 7 days to 10 years.

HDFC Bank Latet Bank FD Rates
7 to 14 days – 2.50 percent for general citizens and 3 percent for senior citizens
30-45 days – 3 percent for general citizens and 3.50 percent for senior citizens
91 days to 6 months – 3.50 percent for general citizens and 4 percent for senior citizens
6 months and 1 day to 9 months – 4.40 per cent and 4.90 per cent
For 1 year – 4.90 per cent and 5.40 per cent
5.15 per cent and 5.65 per cent for 2 years from 1 year and one day
5.65 per cent and 4.75 per cent for 2 years and one day to 3 years
5.35 per cent and 4.85 per cent for 3 years and one day to 5 years
5.50 per cent and 6.25 per cent for 10 years from 5 years and one day

Best option for investment
According to HDFC Bank, interest rates on FDs from one year to one day to two years have increased by 0.10 percent. Let us tell you that even today bank FD is considered to be the best option for savings. In this, along with money guarantee, the facility of fixed returns is also available. For this reason, it is considered as the best investment option.

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