Yamaha may soon launch electric scooter in India


Everyone is aware of the fact that electricity has started moving in India. The Government of India is also promoting electric mobility. The government has recently revised the Fame II scheme.

Under which the subsidy to the customers on domestic electric vehicles has been increased. But at the moment India has Charging for electric vehicles Lack of required resources like points. The country has a long way to go to move forward in this area. Only then can the people of India have full confidence in electric vehicles.

Yamaha may soon launch
Yamaha may soon launch

Some automakers have already launched EVs in India. Are offering, some are preparing to launch, and some are still working on a plan. It will also include India Yamaha.

According to media reports, the Japanese automaker is now considering bringing an e-scooter to India, as electric vehicles are slowly gaining momentum in the country. Yamaha is all set to launch an advanced EV in India. However, the company first wants to see how the EV adoption roadmap develops along with India’s EV policy.

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