WordPress Website PHP Troubleshooting work from home 2024


WordPress Website PHP Troubleshooting work from home 2024

Iโ€™m seeking a seasoned PHP developer to address an urgent issue on my WordPress website. Currently, the site is encountering a troublesome error message pinpointed to line 2 in column 6, stating, โ€œXML declaration allowed only at the start of the document.โ€

Key tasks include:

  • Conducting thorough debugging to identify the root cause of the error message
  • Implementing appropriate solutions to rectify the error
  • Managing the database to ensure there is no data loss or corruption
  • Seamless integration of APIs to enhance the overall user experience

The ideal candidate should possess the following:

  • Expertise in PHP and WordPress
  • Proficiency in debugging and troubleshooting
  • Skill in database management and API integration
  • Excellent comprehension of XML
  • Previous experience in resolving similar issues would be highly advantageous.

This task is both challenging and pivotal for the continuous operation of the site. I am eager to collaborate with you to address and resolve this issue promptly.

Skills Required:

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