With this step in Punjab, the facility of buying liquor at reasonable prices


Punjab Excise Department: Punjab Finance, Excise and Taxation Minister Advocate Harpal Singh Cheema said here that the Excise Department has issued liquor permits for weddings/private functions as well as maximum liquor limit to protect the common people from any loot at the hands of the liquor mafia. has taken the initiative to provide higher retail price list.

Giving information in this regard, Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema said that this permit will be issued by the Excise Department in the name of the concerned person mentioning the quality, quantity and date and place of the event and the concerned person can enter any contract in the district. will be able to purchase liquor from

He added that the applicant for such a permit is only authorized to serve liquor to private guests (by invitation only) and cannot sell any quantity of liquor to anyone.

The Finance Minister said that this measure will not only facilitate the common man to buy liquor at reasonable prices for their private functions but also ensure that the liquor is purchased only from licensed liquor shops.

Punjab Finance Minister Advocate Harpal Singh Cheema said that many such efforts are being made by the Excise Department to stop the illegal liquor trade in addition to protecting the people from any kind of robbery.

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