With the rise in crude oil, prices in this city are still stable


On Tuesday, September 7, for the second day in a row, fuel prices remained stable in the country. Today, oil marketing companies have not changed the price of petrol and diesel.

Earlier on Sunday, both the fuels were reduced by 15 paise per liter. Although crude oil prices have been rising in the international market for the past few days, its petrol and No effect on diesel No, which has led to a sharp increase in May-June, although since August, both fuels. Prices have been slashed several times.

rise in crude oil
rise in crude oil

By the way, here we also point out that the first two weeks of August saw a sharp decline in Brent crude oil, but now once again its prices are showing a strong trend. In the previous trading session, the international oil standard Brent crude rose 0.80 per cent to close at 72 72.03 a barrel. In the domestic market, diesel has become cheaper by Rs 1.25 per liter since August 18. At the same time, diesel has become cheaper by only 65 paise per liter in the last few weeks.

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