Will Nikhil Gupta be extradited in Gurpatwant Pannu case? India-US relations will be affected!


Will Nikhil Gupta be extradited in Gurpatwant Pannu case?  India-US relations will be affected!
Nikhil Gupta will be extradited in Pannu case? India-US relations will be affected!

A court of the European country Czech Republic Nikhil Gupta (Nikhil Gupta) has approved his extradition to the US. Nikhil Gupta is 52 years old and is accused of being involved in the failed conspiracy to kill US-based Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. There are also allegations that Nikhil helped the Indian official who allegedly plotted to kill Pannu.

Nikhil Gupta is an Indian citizen. To Nikhil America (America) was arrested in the Czech Republic last year at the behest of If the charges against Nikhil are proved to be true, Nikhil can face a maximum sentence of 10 years. According to the information, while defending Gupta, it was argued in the court that the person whom America wants to extradite is not Nikhil Gupta and this case is completely motivated by politics.

What will be the extradition?

In fact, the extradition decision came in the month of December last year. Despite this, the extradition remained stalled. Because Nikhil Gupta challenged him in the High Court of the capital city of Prague. The December decision was of the lower court. Now that the high court has also agreed to this decision. Yes, another relief for Nikhil is that now the decision on this extradition will be taken by the Minister of Justice of the country, Pavel Blazek. If his opinion differs from the court's decision, Nikhil's extradition may be blocked.

What is the full charge?

On November 20 last year, the US Department of Justice charged Nikhil Gupta with being involved in the alleged murder conspiracy. The Government of India clearly denied its role and ordered a detailed investigation, describing the matter as very serious.

US authorities have even alleged that Nikhil Gupta promised $100,000 to a 'Supari killer' to kill terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannu. It is alleged that an advance payment of $15,000 was also made. But what happened was that the person whom Nikhil allegedly hired to kill Gurpatwant turned out to be an intelligence agent working for the US government. Now both India and America are investigating this matter.