Who are the Nukbha fighters, whom Israel is killing selectively, what is the Hamas connection?

The war between Israel and the Palestinian Hamas continues. Eight days have passed since the war. As the war progresses. Similarly, many new revelations are also happening. Another thing related to the Israeli attack has come to light. Hamas organization has played the biggest role in attacking Israel. It is known as Izz al-Din al-Qasm Brigade. It is the armed forces of Hamas. One of its deadly wings is hollow and this time it plays an important role in the attack.

It has been fighting with Israel before but this time its attack proved to be quite fatal for Israel. To understand it in simple language, we can compare it with the army and commandos of any country. Their training is similar to that of the military personnel of any other country. These hidden Hamas fighters go through the same rigorous training, their recruitment process is extremely difficult. Hamas is a terrorist organization and the Nukbha fighters are members of the militant wing of the terrorist organization Hamas.

How does Hamas recruit fighters?

Hamas generally only recruits for its security organization, the Ezz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades. Deadly fighters are selected from among them. Then there is provision to train them within the country as well as abroad. They have knowledge of handling explosives, modern weapons and technology. They have the ability to fight the enemy even in water. Scuba diving is an important part of their training. Once the fighters of the Nuqba wing of Hamas enter the war, they do not listen to their own leaders.

Israel is killing selectively

This time Israel has targeted these fringe fighters and their rulers more lethally than in 2014. Bombs have been rained on their headquarters and artillery. The Israeli Air Force has said that it will continue its operations until the last terrorist in Nuqaba is killed. In 2014, these same fighters also prolonged the war with Israel and are the first to be targeted by the Israeli military since the 2023 attack. This entire wing almost collapsed in the year 2014, but now it has been confirmed that the organization is back on its feet. These fighters also protect the leadership of Hamas.

How did this Al-Din Al-Qasm Brigade get its name?

The Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, is named after a Syrian fighter killed by British forces in 1935. This brigade was formally formed in the year 1992. The organizational structure of Hamas is in two parts. Political Bureau and Surah Council. Political Bureau is its highest branch. Its head office is said to be in Qatar.

The members of the Political Bureau are elected by the members of the Sura Council. The organization below this is the Sura Council, whose members are present not only in the Gaza Strip, but also in other surrounding countries, including the West Bank. The Gaza government is number three. From an administrative point of view, the military branch is at number four but after going to war it becomes the top and then they don’t even listen to their leadership. Now the Israeli army is working to destroy them. Their aim is to kill every member of this entire gang.

Input: Dinesh Pathak