Which is the better medicine for the treatment of Kovid-19? The struggle for precision medicines continues, know what is the reason?

Coronavirus case in India: When everyone was scrambling for a vaccine for Kovid-19 last year, health officials used to say that the best vaccine shot is the one you get. At the same time, doctors are still doing research for the accurate treatment of Kovid-19. Not all treatments are effective in treating patients with Omicron and only the few that do work are available.

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doctors from all over the world omicron Let’s look for the right remedies for the best treatment. The expectation of a continuous supply of new drugs is decreasing. Doctors are currently embroiled in these complex questions of what is available, which drugs to use, and which patients need it the most. This bad situation clears up the constant need for covid treatments.

Right now the drug Sotrovimab is at the top of everyone’s wish list. It works to neutralize the corona virus before infecting the cell. This antibody has emerged as the only treatment but it is also very difficult to get. After sotrovimab, the most in demand is Paxlovid, whose 30 tablets are taken in five days. PaxLovid was approved in late December in an emergency situation amid rising cases.

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Molnupiravir, another antiviral drug from Merck that was authorized for emergency use last month. But there were many safety warnings in it, due to which the doctors’ inclination remained towards Paxlovid.

On the other hand, Veklury is one such medicine which is easily available. It is an antiviral developed by Gilead Sciences which is given to hospitalized Kovid patients. It is more recognized than the most popular and generic name of all time, Remdesivir. It was the first Kovid antiviral to get FDA approval. But it cannot be said with certainty that it helps those unstable patients to recover.

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