When will the trailer of Binnu Dhillon and Gurnam Bhullar’s movie “Fuffar Ji” be released? Read the full news

upcoming movie fuffad ji : One film after another is coming in the Punjabi industry, which was eagerly awaited by the audience. In the same series, Binnu Dhillon and Gurnam Bhullar’s film Fuffar Ji is also ready to be a hit in cinemas.. The film is set to release on November 11. It has been reported recently that the trailer of the movie Fuffar Ji is also about to be released. Yes, the trailer of the film will be released tomorrow, October 28 at 11 am.

It is said that Fuffar is not considered as one and if it becomes two then the life of the in-laws is ruined. While in the film, you will see the point of view of small and big fuffs, at the same time, the in-laws will also be seen picking up the two of them. In the film, Binnu Dhillon is playing the role of big brother-in-law and Diamond Boy Gurnam Bhullar is playing the role of small brother-in-law. By the way, the audience is already eagerly waiting for the film.

For information, let us know that the song of the film ‘Gal Ban Jao’ has also been released. Which is a dance number. The song has also received a good response from the audience. In the song, the elder brother-in-law ‘Arjun’ and the younger brother-in-law ‘Chan’ have gone to their in-laws’ house for a wedding where a bhangra contest begins between the two. As for the set of the film, this whole set has been specially made. The song was written, composed and composed by Gurnam Bhullar and the music was composed by Dawood. The film ‘Fuffar Ji’ is written by Raju Verma and directed by Pankaj Batra. The film is produced by Zee Studios and K Kumar and will be released worldwide by Zee Studios and K Kumar Studios.

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