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If you see broken hair on the pillow as soon as you wake up in the morning, then be alert. There is no doubt that managing long hair is a tough task. We make many efforts to avoid breakage and fall of long hair. Sometimes they apply oil, sometimes they make braids, and sometimes they start taking hair treatments. If despite all these tips, your hair problem remains the same, then follow these tips before sleeping at night.

Some like long hair, some short. Well, along with the length of the hair, the texture of everyone’s hair is different from each other. Beauty expert Rekha Kumari says that apart from handling the hair, the way of washing and drying it can also be the main reason for hair fall. Sometimes washing hair with hot water also causes hairfall. Apart from this, excessive use of rebonding, smoothing and hair blower makes the hair thin and rough. Let’s know. From Rekha Kumari, Founder of Rekha Makeovers, what do you do before going to sleep at night?
How to manage hair

1. Wrap hair in a scarf

According to experts, instead of leaving the hair open before sleeping at night, tie them with the help of a band. Keep in mind that do not tie the hair strictly, let them remain a little loose. Due to this, there is no fear of hair getting tangled and breaking. to protect hair Wrap it in a silk scarf to prevent hair breakage and tangles.

2. Braid the hair

before going to bed hair tie rules Create If you have long and thick hair, sleep in a ponytail. This does not harm the hair. After waking up in the morning, open the braid and comb your hair. Nowadays people are also seeing the braid or braid by adding it to fashion. There is a trend of making different types of bread. Curling is very important for the strength of the hair.

3. Use hair serum

nourish hair Different types of serum are available in the market especially for delivery of protein. In this case, apply hair serum on the length of the hair. This makes the hair strong.

4. Sleep by chumping

You can use jojoba oil, olive oil, coconut oil or almond oil to repair hair. Hair massage not only protects your hair from breakage but also works to provide freshness to your muscles. The nutrition present in the oil reaches your hair and benefits them. Keep in mind that after shampooing at night, wake up in the morning and brush your hair. This can avoid the problem of greasy scalp.

5. Use Satin Pillow Covers

Sometimes pillow covers also become the cause of hair damage. The embroidery done on some coveras pulls out the hair. In such a situation, try to use only covers made of cotton or satin. This can prevent hair breakage and fall.

6. Avoid sleeping with wet hair

The habit of sleeping after washing hair at night works to reduce the life of your hair. Beauty expert Rekha Kumari tells that wash the hair two to three hours before sleeping, so that they can dry. Apart from this, in winters, you can dry the hair with the help of a blower. However, the use of more blowers can sometimes prove to be the cause of hair damage.

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