What? Certificate of both vaccines arrived without the second dose, read what is the whole case

In Maharashtra’s Latur district, a person has been certified to be fully vaccinated without a second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, ie both doses of the vaccine.

received vaccination certificate of both doses

Vijay Kumar Kakre, 29, a resident of Jawalaga village in Usa tehsil of the district, said that he has received a certificate stating that he has taken the second dose of vaccine while he is yet to receive the second dose. . At the same time, health officials say it was a human error. Kakare said he was given time on Wednesday to take a second dose, but without being vaccinated, a message came on his phone saying, “You were given a second dose of ‘Kovishield’ at 4:17 pm. Has gone You can ‘download’ your immunization certificate.

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“When I clicked on the link, I was shown a full vaccination certificate,” he said. It said I had been vaccinated at Osa’s Nath Auditorium. However, the auditorium’s management said there was no vaccination camp on Wednesday. When contacted, Dr Angad Jadhav, Medical Superintendent, Usha, said it was due to the operator typing the wrong phone number.

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