West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle becomes Punjabi daddy, read full news


chris gayle become punjabi daddy : West Indies cricketer Chris Gayle is one of the most entertaining and funny people in the world of sports. Which is why he is called the ‘Universe Boss’. They one inside and out of the field Entertaining Are individuals and often share a lot of funny videos on their YouTube. They have gotten millions of views so far. Now Gayle is ready to come in a new incarnation.

Well, Gayle will appear in a music video and an official poster about it has been released by the cricketer himself. The song is being called ‘Punjabi Daddy’. He has shared a post from his Instagram account in which he is wearing a turban and shades. The music video is being produced by Gayle’s own music label Triple Century Records and is expected to be released before the resumption of the Indian Premier League (IPL) later this month.

We’ve seen Gayle’s dance moves on the cricket field many times but given her personality, she may not show off her style in the music video. Fans are eager to see their unique swag.

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