Waring said- people were scared a month before the elections


Amarinder Singh Raja Warring: Punjab Congress held its first press conference on Sunday after the by-election defeat in its stronghold Jalandhar. Punjab Congress state president Amarinder Singh Raja Waring has taken responsibility for the defeat. But the reason for the party’s defeat was the intimidation of the Congress voters by the Punjab Police and other agencies.

Waring attributed the defeat of the Punjab Congress in the Jalandhar by-election to 12 percent less polling votes. He said that this has caused a big loss to the Congress. If it was not so, Punjab Congress could have won the elections. He said that the voters of Punjab Congress are being threatened by the police through notices and in other ways that their inquiry will be opened. That is why traders/traders did not cast their votes and Punjab Congress lost due to low polling.

Raja Waring said that ‘AAP’ convener Arvind Kejriwal told the people from the stage that the government has 4 years. In such a case, to whom will you go for work, you will come to us. Because of this, Waring talked about the presence of businessmen and other voters here. Apart from this, while talking about the huge debt owed by the Punjab government, he talked about cheating the Punjabis.

Raja Waring said that in the Karnataka elections, the Congress has won 135 out of 224 seats alone. Along with this, AAP had made big claims of being a national party. But in the Karnataka elections, AAP got 0.58 per cent, less than one per cent votes. At the place where CM Bhagwant Mann held a road show in Karnataka, AAP got around 384 votes.

Waring recalled the old victory of Congress

Raja Waring said that the Punjab Congress has won the Gurdaspur by-election with nearly 2 lakh votes. Shahkot by-election was won by more than 34 thousand votes. He also won the Jalalabad by-election. He said that the government often wins by-elections. He said that ‘AAP’ did not shoot any arrow by winning this by-election.

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