Want to raise Rs 5 crore in 15 years, will have to invest in this way


Investment Strategy: If you get less salary then you may find it an impossible task to deposit Rs 5 crore. But it is absolutely possible to do this but there are two conditions for this, first- you have to start investing soon, second- you have to continue investing continuously. In fact, if you invest a part of the income every month, then Rs 5 crore can be accumulated in 15 years. Mutual funds are the best option for this purpose. Today we will tell you the trick with the help of which you can create a corpus of Rs 5 crore in 15 years:-


  • Those who do not have a large amount to invest in one go should opt for Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) in Mutual Funds
  • Long-term investors can expect 12 per cent annualized returns on their mutual fund SIPs.

Follow this strategy:

  • To accumulate Rs 5 crore in 15 years, investors will have to increase their annual income as well as increase their SIP on an annual basis.
  • You have to use step-up SIP for investment.
  • To achieve the target of Rs 5 crore in 15 years, you need to increase your SIP in equity mutual funds by 15 per cent annually.

invest so much

  • To get Rs 5 crore as per step-up SIP calculator, a SIP of Rs 41,500 per month for a period of 15 years would be required
  • You can get 12 per cent average return in these years.
  • You have to increase your SIP by 15% every year.
  • It can be understood in this way that if your SIP in 2022 is Rs 41,500 per month then in 2023 it should be Rs 47,725 and next year it should be Rs 54,883. You have to proceed in this sequence.

12 percent average return

  • Assuming 12 per cent annual return on monthly SIP for 15 years and increasing the amount by 15 per cent annually in SIP, as per the SIP return calculator, you have to start with Rs 41,500.
  • At the end of 15 years, you will get a maturity amount of 5,01,20,99 or about Rs 5.01 crore in your hand.

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