Virat Kohli gets angry when asked by a Pakistani journalist about Rohit Sharma

Pakistan defeated India by 10 wickets in the ICC T20 World Cup on Sunday. With this humiliating defeat, India’s unbeaten run against Pakistan in the World Cup matches was also broken. Team India suffered a one-sided defeat at the hands of Pakistan. Pakistan’s victory over India in a World Cup-like tournament for the first time blew the minds of Pakistani journalists and they started asking absurd questions to Indian captain Virat Kohli at the post-match press conference. After this, Virat Kohli gave a strong class to Pakistani journalists and stopped them from speaking.

Virat Kohli gets angry

Saeed Haider, a Pakistani journalist, asked Indian captain Virat Kohli if he should have played Ishaan Kishan instead of Rohit Sharma. Out of? The Pakistani journalist stopped talking and He started laughing. Virat responds “If you just want to create controversy, tell me first and then I will respond accordingly,” he said.

Virat Kohli gets angry
Virat Kohli gets angry

Another Pakistani journalist Savira Pasha asked Virat Kohli if India had lost to Pakistan due to over-confidence. Didn’t the Indian team look more focused against Pakistan in the ICC tournaments and think that India will be more focused in the upcoming matches? “People who are asking questions from outside should come on the field with our kit once and for all,” Virat lashed out at the Pakistani journalist. Then they will know what the pressure is. A team like Pakistan can beat anyone. Virat further replied that his team does not take any team in the constituency and comes on the field to play well against all.

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