Video: This couple in Ankita-Mithu’s classroom is becoming a unique example of friendship

Friendship is such a relation where all the bonds are useless. It has neither any fixed scope nor any limit. Sometimes even silence works as words in friendship. And our love is shown without language. You must have heard many examples of such friendship till now. But today we are showing you such a living example of friendship, which is proving to be an example among people today. This example is set by little Ankita and Maina whom everyone lovingly calls Mithu. Ankita, a resident of Kankasa block of West Burdwan district of West Bengal, goes to school daily with her friends. She studies in the first class of Shivpur Primary School.

As soon as morning comes and Ankita reaches her school, Mithu also sits with Ankita. Sometimes on the head, sometimes on the shoulder. Then does this togetherness of both remain like this all the time? At the time of tiffin, sometimes Ankita feeds chips to Mithu, and sometimes biscuits. And when the class starts, Mithu also sits on the seat right next to Ankita. She may not understand anything in the class, but listens to the teacher’s words equally calmly. With the class over, Maina also flies back to her tree. The day Ankita does not come to school, Mithu himself reaches her house.

Teacher tells that we have named Maina as Mithu. Mithu enters the classroom along with Ankita. She sits like this with all the children. Whatever we eat, Mithu also eats the same. Along with the children, we also feel very happy to see Mithu. Its behavior is exactly like humans. Now the condition of friendship of both is such that its discussion has spread in the nearby villages. Now everyone is reaching Ankita’s school to see this unbreakable friendship of both.

Video Report – Mukesh Tiwari

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