Vegetable ghee maker’s house raided after perfume trader in Kanpur


The case has garnered headlines across the country after the country’s largest ever cash recovery from perfume trader Piyush Jain in Kanpur, UP. Enthusiastic Indians Agency raids continue. Meanwhile, another big news has come from Kanpur that DGGI team has raided the house of a famous edible oil manufacturer in the city.

Civil Lines is one of the most expensive and high-profile areas in the city to house the edible oil manufacturer’s raid by the DGGI team. A team also reached the office after their stay. The raid team is now in possession of all the documents and is negotiating a deal.

Vegetable ghee maker
Vegetable ghee maker

Let me tell you that this raid has been carried out in case of GST evasion. Also, last night, the Lucknow GST team had left to seize the documents of the big businessman. It may be recalled that Kuber Jain’s crude letter of black money was opened in Kanpur as if a case of hoarding and tax evasion had come to light all over UP.

From the whole city to every corner of the country there is talk of amassing innumerable riches. Memes are constantly being made on social media about this incident. At the same time, people are saying that getting so much cash after denomination shows that even if the government makes strict laws, some businesses do not hesitate to fill their coffers by breaking the rules.

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