Users will get more control on Instagram, opportunities will increase for creators


Instagram Instagram head Adam Mosseri has announced the app’s key priorities for the year 2022. He focused on video, messaging, transparency and creators as four key areas. In the coming year, this photo sharing app will focus on these areas. The Instagram head also talked about the update that came to the app this year. These include sensitive content controls and a feature to hide like counts. Instagram also released limits and hidden words this year, which block direct messages (DMs).

one on twitter Video Via Mosseri revealed Instagram’s goals for 2022.

In his video, Mosseri said that we have to re-think what Instagram is, because the world is changing rapidly. We have to change with this. Mosseri lists Instagram’s priorities for 2022. These include video, messaging, transparency and creators.

In the coming year, Instagram is planning to merge all its video formats around the reels.

Mosseri said that we are going to double our focus on video. We are no longer just a photo-sharing app. Mosseri said Instagram will focus on messaging and will doubling down on controls in the coming year to improve transparency. He said that to help and empower the creators, more earning opportunities will be given on the app.

Mosseri said that we are thinking about who we are, what we value and what kind of change we want to see in the world.

Mosseri also talked about the work that was introduced this year to give users more control over their feeds and profiles. These include controls brought in to filter sensitive content, ‘hide like count’ and ‘limits’ feature.

The sensitivity filter was introduced in July. It allows users to set limits on sensitive content on their “Explorer” page. With the help of hide like count feature, users can remove the number of likes on their posts. On the other hand, limits automatically hide comments and direct message requests from people who do not follow the user or who have started following the user some time ago.