Unique love for football, Vice President of the country at the age of 60 to play a match as captain for the club, watch the video


Suriname’s Vice President Ronnie Burnswick took a break from his political duties on Tuesday to play a football match. Meanwhile, he took part in a CONCACAF League match.

Brunswick, 60, is leading Suriname’s presidency, but his love for football has not diminished. He is also the captain and owner of the Inter Moengotapoe football team. However, in the match against CD Olympia, Brunswick’s Moengotapoe lost 6-0. Brunswick remained on the field for about 54 minutes. Born in 1961, Brunswick wore the number 61 jersey in the match.

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Brunswick played in the forward position in the match. His son Damien Burnswick was also playing in the match. Mr Chip, a sports commentator, wrote on social media that Ronnie Brunswick has become the world’s oldest footballer to play an international club match (60 years 198 days).

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