Union Ministry of Education issued new guidelines to coaching centers

Union Ministry of Education issued new guidelines to coaching centers


According to the guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Education to the coaching centers across the country, children will not be admitted to the coaching centers before the 10th class examination, nor will they be able to give coaching during the school hours.

Students will not be coached for more than five hours a day. Students will not be seated very early in the morning or late in the evening. It will be necessary to have teachers according to teacher-student ratio and their qualification should not be less than graduation.

The guidelines also include that coaching centers will not be able to give conditional pass guarantees to students on securing higher marks. Only coaching center with more than 50 students will be recognized. Only those centers which fulfill all these conditions will be registered.

The guidelines also state that if a student leaves mid-coaching, the outstanding fee will have to be refunded. Organizations violating the conditions will be fined Rs 25,000 for the first time, Rs 1 lakh for the second time and cancellation of registration for the third time.

These guidelines came after complaints received by the government against coaching institutes regarding increasing cases of student suicides, fire incidents, inadequate facilities as well as teaching methods being practiced.