Umesh Pal murder case: Shaista Parveen’s poster will be released, reward amount may increase, constantly giving hoax…

Prayagraj: Absconding wife of Atiq Ahmed named in Umesh Pal murder case in Prayagraj Shaista Parveen But an important decision has been taken to tighten the screws. Preparations are being made to release Shaista’s poster for her arrest. It is being told that Shaista’s poster will be released on the basis of her appearance. Along with this, these posters will be put up from social media to public places.

Actually Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen She has always been seen in a burqa. Since there is no picture of Shaista in public, it is difficult for people to identify her. Even if he comes in front, the police and common people will not be able to recognize him. Because of this STF and Prayagraj police are unable to get his information. Now the Prayagraj police has decided to release Shaista Parveen’s poster on the basis of her appearance, which will help in arresting her. Shaista Parveen is absconding in the Umesh Pal murder case, a reward of 25 thousand has been declared on her arrest.

Along with this, raids are continuing at every possible places in search of Shaista. STF and Prayagraj police have got the latest information that Shaista is continuously changing her location by staying at different places in the district instead of going outside Prayagraj, so that she could not come under the clutches of the police.

Shaista has also received information about changing her residence in Chakia, Kasari Masari, Mariyadih and Hatwa. However, till now the hands of the police are empty and Shaista is also going one step ahead of the law on the lines of son Asad and other absconding shooters. In such a situation, the police failing to catch Shaista can increase the amount of that power reward.

In the Umesh Pal murder case, a CCTV footage has come to the fore a few days ago, which is said to be five days before the incident. In this, sharp shooter Sabir is seen walking in a white shirt with Atiq’s wife Shaista Parveen. This CCTV footage is of 19 February. It is being said that at 8:57 pm, Shaista Parveen had reached the house of Balli alias Sudhanshu, the shooter of Atiq gang. Shooter Bally’s name is also included in the Atiq Ahmed gang. On the basis of this video, it is believed that Shaista had direct contact with the members of Atiq’s gang. Umesh Pal used to meet Shaista, the shooter associated with the murder case, and Atiq’s other henchmen.

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