Two railway stations of the country which have no name, know the unique story behind this


Indian Railway Stations without Name: Indian Railways is the heartbeat of our country. The rail network spans the length and breadth of the country, hardly any part of the country is untouched by it. Every day millions of people of the country travel by train. For this, railway stations have been built at many places in the country.
All railway stations have names, but there are two such railway stations in the country, which are not officially named, even today there is no name on the signboard. If you don’t know about it then we are going to tell you about it.
We will give you complete information about these stations, as well as explain why this station could not be named. Every state, every district of the country has many railway stations and all of them have official names.
But apart from these there are two railway stations which do not have any official name. You may be thinking this as a lie, but it is true. The first railway station is in Lohardaga district of Jharkhand. This railway station has no name till date.
Let’s say that when you travel from Ranchi to Tori by train, you will come across this unnamed railway station on the way. According to the information, when the railway started using it in 2011, it was named Barkichamp.
But the local people there started protesting about something, due to which the railway did not authorize this name and this railway station is still without a name.
Similarly, there is a similar railway station in West Bengal, which has no name. This railway station falls on the Bankura-Musgram railway line, this railway station is 35 km from Bardhaman in West Bengal.
Let us tell you that earlier the name of this railway station was Rainagar, but even here local people protested, due to which the railway had to remove this name.
The station is still running without a name. Now you may be thinking how to get a ticket, so let me tell you that even today a ticket is available in the name of Rainagar.

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