Tokyo Olympics: Rain stops competition in Tokyo Kamalpreet Kaur in top 8, but medal hopes still


Today, August 2, is the 11th day of the Tokyo Olympics. India’s performance on the 11th day has also been excellent. India’s women’s hockey team has made history by winning this morning.

kamalpreet kaur in discus throw
kamalpreet kaur in discus throw

Rani Rampal’s team defeated Australia 1-0 in the quarter finals. With this, the Indian team has made it to the semi-finals of the Olympics for the first time. India today can also make history in athletics. Kamalpreet Kaur has entered the final of discus throw. If she manages to win a medal, she will become the first Indian to win a medal in athletics. Kamalpreet Kaur has made a great start even today. He has made a great throw in the first attempt. He has managed to throw the discus 61.62 meters. Let us say that 12 athletes are participating in the finals. In first place is Valerie Alman of the United States. He threw the discus to a distance of 68.98 meters in the first attempt.

However, in the second attempt, Kamalpreet Kaur’s throw was not considered legal. They will not have a second throw count. As a result, Kamalpreet has slipped to seventh position. But Kamalpreet still has a chance. It is currently raining in Tokyo, which has caused the match to be suspended for some time.

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Apart from this, India’s expectations in horse riding have also increased. In horse riding, India’s hopes are pinned on Fawad Mirza’s performance. Fawad Mirza has qualified for the jumping final. Fawad also became the first Indian to reach the final of an individual event. He finished 25th in the qualification round. Let me tell you that only the top 25 riders get a place in the final.

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