Tokyo Olympics: After cricket, India-Pakistan will now face each other in the Olympics, who will win?


We have seen many exciting matches between India and Pakistan in the World Cup on the cricket field. Now, once again, there is going to be a tough contest between India and Pakistan, but this match will not be on the cricket pitch but on the javelin throw ground.

india javelin thrower neeraj chopra
india javelin thrower neeraj chopra

In fact, the javelin throw qualification match was played today at the Tokyo Olympics. In this match, India’s star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra has made it to the final of this event by throwing a javelin of 86.65 meters in his first throw. In javelin throw, Neeraj has bagged the first position in Pool A. The whole country is very happy with Neeraj’s performance. The whole country is hoping that Neeraj will definitely win a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. In Pool B, India’s arch-rival Nadeem Arshad of Pakistan also made it to the final. Nadeem has won the first place in his pool by throwing 85.16 meters javelin.

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Surprisingly, both javelin throwers finished first in their respective groups and qualified for the final. Pakistan’s javelin thrower Arshad used to play cricket, but inspired by India’s javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, he decided to pursue a career in javelin. In 2018, Ashrad himself said that he takes inspiration from Neeraj. The final of the javelin throw will now be played at the Olympics on August 7. Where India’s Neeraj Chopra, who is considered a strong contender for the gold medal, will face Pakistan’s Arshad. Apart from Pakistan, Neeraj will also have to be wary of Germany’s Jones Vetter in the final. The waiter has thrown more than 90 meters seven times in 2021. The waiter is also considered a strong contender for the gold medal.

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