Tokyo Olympics 2020: PM Modi speaks on phone with women’s hockey team, says – ‘Stop crying, country is proud of you’


“You have played well, stop crying, I can hear you crying,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi told the country’s women’s hockey team.

The Prime Minister has been seen interacting with the country’s players after every match. Whether happy or sad, the Prime Minister of the country talks to her all the time, but today when PM Modi spoke to the players of the women’s hockey team, the scene was different. All the players were standing shoulder to shoulder with their coaches in a circle with their teammates while some players were crying.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made a video call to women hockey players after the match against Britain for the bronze medal. All the players were in their dressing rooms. PM Modi told all the players, “You have all played very well. The sweat you have shed for the last 5-6 years was inspiring everyone, the sadhana you were doing, your sweat could not get a medal but your sweat has inspired millions of girls and athletes. Congratulations to all the team members and coach Jord Marine. ”

Captain Rani Rampal replied, “Thank you sir, thank you very much sir.” Continuing the conversation, the Prime Minister said, “Don’t despair, I could see that Navneet had an eye injury. Rani Rampal replied, “Yes sir, Navneet had an eye injury yesterday. She has four stitches.” Expressing grief over this, the Prime Minister asked if his eye was OK, was there any problem? To which Rani Rampal replied, “The eye is fine, sir.”

After this PM Modi said, ‘Vandana and Salima you all played very well. Vandana and Salima all felt that you have done amazing. All the players became emotional and started crying. As soon as the Prime Minister heard the cry, he said, ‘You people stop crying. I can hear you crying. There is no need to despair. How many decades later have you revived hockey? The country is proud of you. Amidst a few seconds of silence and crying, the Prime Minister also congratulated the team’s coach. On this, coach Jord Marine thanked and said that this is an emotional moment for us. The Prime Minister replied that you have given your best. Well done. You have encouraged the girls. We will be grateful to you.

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Captain Rani Rampal, who was standing next to the coach, could not help but cry when she saw her teammates crying. The team’s coach Marine continued to thank the Prime Minister and ended the conversation by saying hello. In this video of two minutes and fifty seconds, the joy of winning hearts, the pain of defeat and the hopes of the future were shown.

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