Those who do dirty acts in the metro are no longer good


Obscenity in Delhi Metro: Delhi Police has decided to deploy more than 100 personnel in plain clothes to prevent incidents of objectionable activities on daily basis in Delhi Metro. For this, deployment will be done on the basis of pre-identified stations.

According to a report, an official familiar with the development said that personnel on duty will assist Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) staff and CISF officials to take action against the culprits on the spot and prosecute them later.

The decision has been taken in view of increasing incidents of public indecency inside Metro coaches. Various teams of Delhi Police, including constables and head constables, have been instructed to travel in plain clothes in coaches with at least two Delhi Metro officials and two CISF personnel.

“Employees will be deployed at most major stations and have been asked to enter coaches randomly and travel to certain stations to prevent any such disturbance,” said the official concerned. Women constables will be posted. The decision has been taken after the DMRC wrote to the Delhi Police to increase patrolling inside metro stations and metro coaches.

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