This trick played with a friend for 4 crores! Won the trust of Punjab Police! One wrong move, game over!


Bureau report : A shocking murder case has come to light in Fatehgarh. I am sure it will shake you up completely. Gurpreet Singh killed his friend Sukhjit along with his wife and other accomplices in the greed of insurance of 4 crores and proved his dead body to him through his wife. Not only these, the Shatras proved Sukhjit’s death as if he himself had given his life, we will also tell you how. The police were also looking at Sukhjit’s death as an accident, but one thing the police found turned the whole case upside down and 6 accused were arrested by the police.

When the mobile was found switched off, the police became suspicious

SSP Dr. Ravjot Kaur Grewal said that Sukhjit Singh, husband of Jeevandeep Kaur, who lives in Sanipur, went to buy liquor from home on June 19, after which he did not return, his missing report was filed in the police station, in the initial investigation, Sukhjit’s bike And the chappal was found on Patiala road canal bank. The police felt that Sukhjit himself had given his life. But one kilometer away Sukhjit Singh’s mobile phone was found buried in the ground, the suspicion of the police increased, from here the police started their investigation.

Sukhjit’s friend Gurpreet was identified in the investigation

A 3-member SIT was formed under the leadership of DSP Gurbans Singh Bains. In the investigation it was revealed that Sukhjit is addicted to drinking alcohol but he often used to bring alcohol from the contract and then used to drink at home. Sukhjit was friends with Gurpreet for some days. Gurpreet used to feed Sukhjit alcohol with his own money. On June 19, Gurpreet was seen with his wife Khushdeep Kaur and friend Sukhwinder Singh Sangha. As the investigation progressed, it was found that an accident case was registered in Rajpura police station claiming that Gurpreet died in a road accident on 20 June.

Suspicion deepened on finding Gurpreet alive

Rajpura police found the dead body in a bad condition, which was identified by Khushdeep Kaur as her husband Gurpreet Singh. After the post-mortem, the body was cremated. Actually, this body belonged to Sukhjit Singh. The turning point in the story came when Gurpreet Singh was found alive. Fatehgarh Sahib Police continued the investigation with Human Intelligence, Technology and Forensic Science. It came to know that Gurpreet Singh was a wholesale trader of Haldi Ram and Company and he had a loss in the business, due to which he was planning for a few months.

In the investigation, the matter of insurance of 4 crores came out

Gurpreet’s friend Rajesh Kumar Sharma used to work as a photo stat in the Fatehgarh Sahib court, along with this, he also made insurance policies illegally. Gurpreet talked to Rajesh Sharma, Rajesh prepared an accidental policy of 4 crores for Gurpreet. Rajesh said that the full amount will be given to the heir based on the death certificate and post-mortem report. After this, the planning of Sukhjit’s murder started. In the murder case of Gurpreet, his wife Khushdeep Kaur, Sukhwinder Singh Sangha, Jaspal Singh, Dinesh Kumar and Rajesh Kumar have also been arrested.

This is how the insurance money would be distributed

Gurpreet along with his accomplices had been planning the murder for 10 months. 4 crores of insurance was to be divided between the accused. 2 crores were to be kept by Gurpreet Singh and his wife Khushdeep Kaur. Sukhwinder Singh Sangha had to take 2 crore rupees. Of the 2 crore rupees of Sangha, 20 lakhs were to be given to Rajesh Kumar, 10 lakhs to Dinesh Kumar and 20 lakhs to Jaspal Singh.

Sukhjit had to target 2 others first

Sukhjit Singh had to target 2 people before the murder. Gurpreet Singh, with the help of his colleagues, chose Kapil from Mohali and Kamaldeep from Patiala, but Kapil had a tattoo on his arm, so Gurpreet could not look like him, while Kamaldeep from Patiala did not look like him, so Sukhjit saw him as his victim and then killed him.

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