This serious disease occurring under the guise of corona-flu, maximum number of patients in Delhi, revealed in ICMR survey


The symptoms of pulmonary TB are similar to those of corona and flu.
ICMR has conducted a survey regarding TB prevalence.

Coronavirus-Flu-TB: Corona cases have started increasing once again, although along with this, influenza virus and viral infections have also spread rapidly for some time. Due to the spread due to the virus, the symptoms of all these respiratory diseases are also almost the same. However, whether it is flu or corona, under the guise of these diseases, a serious disease is also infecting people. This disease is TB of the lungs i.e. tuberculosis of the lungs. It was recently published ICMR’s National TB Prevalence Survey India 2019-21 Happened in

of Delhi All India Institute of Medical Sciences Professor Dr. Urvashi B. Singh, in-charge of the Tuberculosis Division (TB Division) in the Department of Microbiology of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, says that the biggest thing in the ICMR survey has come out that people who had symptoms of TB Those patients ignored these symptoms. Due to which the infection of TB increased and turned into a disease. Lung TB disease has increased under the guise of corona and flu. This has happened due to almost similar symptoms of all these diseases.

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These are the main symptoms
Dr. Urvashi Singh says that it has been seen in the symptoms of influenza flu including corona virus that cough remains present in patients for several weeks even after the corona or flu is cured. There is also fatigue. While looking at the symptoms of pulmonary TB, there is cough for more than two weeks. In such a situation, people keep ignoring cough thinking it as a problem caused by Covid or flu. While in this condition, the disease progresses due to TB infection. There is also mild fever in TB, which looks like fatigue or heat, which people consider as a side effect of corona or flu. That’s why people need to pay a lot of attention that whenever the cough with phlegm is more than two weeks, they must get the TB test done without delay. There is no harm in getting the test done, but there is definitely an advantage that better treatment is possible if the disease is detected before time.

Most patients found in Delhi
The National TB Prevalence Survey India 2019-2021 has revealed that in the last 15 years, pulmonary TB has come out to 316 per lakh people. The maximum number of patients of pulmonary TB has been found in Delhi. Here there are 534 pulmonary TB patients per lakh people, whereas in Kerala, the lowest is found in 115 people per lakh people. The problem of TB has been found to be highest in the elderly, men, malnourished class, smokers, alcohol drinkers and people with diabetes.

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