This happened to PRTC and school bus with great carelessness!


Bureau Report: A school bus and a PRTC bus have collided in Ludhiana. In which 15 children including passengers have been injured. There were about 40 students in the school bus. It is being told that the government bus and the school bus were at high speed. Due to this, the bus could not be controlled by both the drivers and the collision took place. The accident happened in front of Siti Palace near Sherpur Chowk, PRTC bus was coming from Moga.

A bus full of children was said to be from Scrade Hard School. The injured students were admitted to the Jagrao government hospital. Many children were referred to DMC Hospital. The children said that there was a holiday in their school. A road was being built on the Ludhiana-Firozpur road near the school. Due to this, all the trains were running in the same line. The speed of the PRTC bus was high, due to which the head-on collision took place. The school bus was badly damaged in the accident. The driver was seriously injured, while the passengers in the government bus were also injured.

Passers-by escorted the students out

After hearing the voice of the students, the passers-by stopped the vehicles, people took the injured children out of the bus, it is being told that the children who were sitting on the front seat of the bus, have suffered more injuries. People gave first aid to the children, an ambulance was called on the spot. But seeing the critical condition of the injured children and the driver, people themselves took them to the hospital in their private vehicles.

The police opened the jam

The police arrived at the scene of the incident in Jagrao, the police opened the traffic jam due to the accident. It is being told that the driver of the bus has been caught by the police, the matter is being investigated. The parents of the injured children have reached the hospital.


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