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Xiaomi dominates the electric kick scooter world in China, but now, a new startup in the country, Brightway Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd has forayed with its first electric kick scooter. The biggest feature of the kick scooter is that it can be operated comfortably in crowded places and being electric, your effort to drive it also ends. The name of the new electric kick scooter is Navee N65. It is a foldable electric kick scooter that can deliver a range of 65 kms on a single charge.

Navee N65 launched Announcement Done through official Weibo account. New Navee N65 electric kick scooter spotted in China as crowdfunded on Xiaomi Youpin website Listed Is. Currently, its price has been kept at 3,499 Chinese Yuan (about Rs 41,000).

The N65 electric kick scooter uses a 500W power brushless motor, thanks to which this scooter can reach a top speed of 32 kmph. It has a lithium battery pack of 48.5V, 12.5Ah capacity. The company claims that this battery pack can run this electric scooter up to 65 kilometers in a single charge.

the companyโ€™s Claim Also, the N65 is built on an extremely strong iron frame, which allows it to lift a maximum weight of up to 265lbs (120kg). It has a footboard of 17cm, in which it will be easy to place both the feet. Apart from this, an attempt has been made to make it safe in the case of brakes as well. It gets dual brake configuration.

The Navee N65 electric scooter also gets a large display, in which the rider can see some important information. The kick scooter can be controlled through the โ€œGo Naveeโ€ app. It gets a dual-rotation folding system, so that no time is wasted in assembling it.


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