These minor herbs will play a band of dirty sugar sticking in the blood, stomach ulcer will also disappear, this is the method of consumption


Mulethi can also be used instead of sweetener. Licorice tea is considered good for diabetics.
A compound called amorfruitins is found in licorice which is rich in anti-diabetic properties.

Mulethi Reduced Blood Sugar Instatly: Diabetes is a very complex condition in which diseases related to heart, blood pressure, kidney, eye etc. occur. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, about 422 million people in the world are suffering from diabetes. Along with this, about 15 lakh people die every year directly or indirectly due to diabetes. The condition of India is very bad in this matter. At present, about 8 crore people have diabetes and according to estimates, by 2045, more than 13 crore people will be diabetic in India. That’s why India is being called Capital of Diabetes.

Although it has been decided that diabetes is caused due to sedentary lifestyle and wrong eating habits. Therefore, if both these things are improved, then diabetes can be eradicated from the root. Blood sugar can be controlled very quickly with licorice. It has also been proved in science.

what is mulethi

Licorice is a bushy plant. Many of its properties have been described in Ayurveda. In many parts of India, the bark of its stem is dried and used in the treatment of many diseases. Licorice is usually used along with betel leaves to relieve sore throat. Licorice is very sweet, so it can also be used as a sweetener. Licorice tea is advised to diabetes patients.

How does it reduce blood sugar

NDTV quoted the American Diabetes Association as saying that licorice contains a compound called amorfrutins, which is rich in anti-diabetic properties. Amorfruits are also anti-inflammatory. Due to this it keeps diabetes under control. In the same news, quoting the study, licorice contains many types of antioxidants which play a very important role in the treatment of metabolic syndrome. In this study, it was also claimed that a small amount of licorice also eliminates sugar cravings. That is, if licorice is consumed in small quantities, it reduces the desire to eat sweets. Mulethi can also be used instead of sweetener. Licorice tea is considered good for diabetics.

Liquorice cures stomach ulcer

Nutritionist Bhuvan Rastogi told on Instagram that Mulethi is rich in many medicinal properties, which has a cooling effect. Antioxidants are present in licorice, which is very beneficial in the health of the intestine. Apart from this, it removes stomach ulcers, respiratory problems and bacterial infections.

How to consume Mulethi

Bhuvan Rastogi says that licorice is certainly full of medicinal properties, but it should be consumed in limited quantity because excessive quantity can cause harm. According to Rastogi, only 1 to 5 grams of licorice should be consumed in a day. The liquorice that is being sold in the market is processed. It can increase the risk related to heart. That’s why the use of processed licorice should be avoided.

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