These cheap CNG cars of India give more mileage than normal vehicles, know the price and features

cheap CNG cars: In the face of rising petrol and diesel prices, Indian drivers are now spending more money than ever before. In such a situation, people are now interested in buying such cars instead of driving ordinary cars.

cheap CNG cars

Which are less expensive to operate and do not harm the environment. In that case, electric and CNG cars are the best option. However, electric cars This thing is a little expensive Because CNG cars are a very affordable option. Today we are going to tell you about the cheapest CNG cars available in India, the price of which will fit in your budget.

cheap CNG cars
cheap CNG cars

Maruti Suzuki’s Alto is still the most popular in the country and its CNG incarnation is also in high demand. Able to give maximum power. If we talk about the mileage of producing peak torque, then Maruti Suzuki Alto CNG gives mileage of 31.59 km per kg.

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