These changes will take effect from October 1


From next month, i.e. from October 1, many rules related to the bank will change daily. The effect of these changes From the life of a common man to special people.

The rules that will change next month are check books, auto debit payments, the price of LPG cylinders and the pension rules of many banks. Let’s see what is going to change.

effect from October 1
effect from October 1

On October 1, petroleum companies issue rates for domestic cooking gas. The price of a gas cylinder is expected to go up by up to Rs 100 in view of the sharp rise in international crude oil prices. Crude oil (Brent crude) has once again approached 80 80 in the international market. With this, crude oil has reached a three-year high. Earlier, in October 2018, it had touched 78 78.24 per barrel. Petrol, diesel and gas prices are set to rise in the coming days due to rise in crude oil prices.

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