These are the 10 countries where the Indian currency’s currency coin, the 1 rupee becomes so many notes.


Indians love to travel but when traveling abroad they feel that our currency is weak and will not be able to afford it. However, this is not the case. There are many beautiful countries in the world Currency Compared to Indian Rupee Is weak and can be moved around easily. If you want to travel to these countries, you will not have to spend much money. We are going to tell you about 10 such countries.

Vietnam: Vietnam is a beautiful country. The Indian rupee, the rupee, is also quite good here. One rupee here costs 304 Vietnamese dong. Vietnam is known for its street food.

10 countries where the Indian
10 countries where the Indian

INDONESIA: One Indian rupee is equal to 189 in the Indonesian currency. Indonesia is called a group of islands. You will also find temples of many ancient Indian deities in Indonesia. You can travel to Indonesia for a few thousand rupees.

Paraguay: Here, for one rupee you will get the currency of Paraguay 92.24 Guarani. It is a poor country but rich in landscapes.

Cambodia: In Cambodia you will get 54.31 riyals for one rupee. Cambodia is known for its greenery. One can feel the fragrance of ancient civilizations here.

10 countries where the Indian
10 countries where the Indian

Costa Rica: Costa Rica is a Central American country. Here 8.38 Costa Rican Colon will work for one rupee. Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity. If you want to see the ancient beaches and the colorful waters, you can head to Costa Rica. The Jurassic Park film was also shot here.

Hungary: In Hungary you will get Rs 4.15 in local currency. Hungary is a landlocked country in Central Europe. People think going to Europe is expensive but you can think of going to Hungary.

Island: Here too, the Indian rupee is heavier against the krona. In the island you will get 1.72 kroner for one rupee. This country is known for its cool winters but in summer you can enjoy here.

10 countries where the Indian
10 countries where the Indian

Sri Lanka: Sri Lanka is no stranger to India. There have been cultural ties between the two countries. Here you will get 2.67 Sri Lankan rupees instead of one rupee. Sri Lanka is famous for its beautiful beaches, forests, mountains and tea gardens.
At the same time, Pakistan’s currency is weaker than ours. The Indian rupee is worth 2.31 Pakistani rupees in Pakistan. Pakistan is also India’s neighbor.

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