These 4 cheap gadgets can fit in the car, will make the journey easier


4 cheap gadgets: Most of the basic features are offered in all budget cars in India. These features make your journey easier but if you want to make the ride a little better then there are some devices available in the market that you can build in your car and the cabin. Make good Can make your trip more comfortable and better. Today we are going to tell you about 4 devices that are very popular for installing cars, plus they cost less than Rs.1000. The portable fridge is mounted between the seats of your car and can be easily operated with a USB cable. It is quite small in size, so it can hold a cold drink and a small bottle number inside and you can enjoy a cold drink while traveling. Prices start at Rs 1,000.

4 cheap gadgets
4 cheap gadgets

Solar power fans come in handy when your car is turned off and someone is sitting inside. This device fits in your car window and works by taking energy from the sun’s rays and does not let you feel the heat. Prices start at Rs 500. If your car is an older model and does not have an air purifier, you can buy it from the market. Can get. You can buy between There are many electronic mist sprays on the market that can change the environment of your car and add a nice fragrance to it. Sometimes, during the rainy season, the inside of the car starts to stink, in which case, this opaque spray is very useful, starting from Rs.

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