There was a ruckus on the controversial statement of Saji Kurien, the governor said – we are all watching

Kerala Minister Controversial Statement: The Pinarayi Vijayan government of Kerala has once again come under the BJP’s target. Saji Cherian, a minister in the Pinarayi government, has given a controversial statement regarding the Indian Constitution. On Tuesday, he said in a program that the Indian Constitution has been made to loot the country’s resources. However, when Cherian realized his mistake, he also apologized for his anti-constitutional remarks and said that his statements had been misinterpreted. But then there was a ruckus and the opposition demanded Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan to sack him.

Governor’s remark – uphold the Constitution and the law

After this, CM Pinarayi Vijayan sought an explanation from Saji Cherian and after that the Governor of Kerala commented on the matter saying that it is the duty of the people holding public office to maintain the constitution and law and order. CM has been informed about this and he has also sought clarification. The governor said that I have not asked for any report yet, we are monitoring it.

What did Cherian say that there is a ruckus, know…

Saji Cherian, a minister in the Kerala government, said that we all say that we have a beautifully written constitution. But, I would say that the constitution is written in such a way that it can be used to loot the people of the country. The Indian Constitution is not fair to the working class as there is no protection for them.

Cherian did not stop here, he further said that the constitution is what the British prepared and the Indians wrote it. This is something that allows loot, pays nothing for labor and is proudly followed for 75 years.

BJP said – sack the minister

BJP leader KJ Alphons took a jibe at Saji Cherian’s statement and said that it was wrong for a Kerala cabinet minister to comment against being an elected representative of the Constitution. Cherian has taken oath to protect the Constitution and now he is making fun of it. The BJP leader said that CM Pinarayi Vijayan should immediately sack Cherian or the governor should recommend the dismissal of such a minister.

At the same time, many people including Leader of Opposition in the state assembly V D Satheshan also criticized Cherian for his controversial remarks and said that if Vijayan does not act, we will take legal recourse.

CPI defends statement taken in wrong context

Defending its party leader Saji Cherian, the CPI-M said that his statement was taken in the wrong context. In fact, he was pointing out some shortcomings in respect of the Constitution. He has also apologized for this. He has said that I am a public servant who respects our constitution and upholds its noble values. I never intended to insult the Constitution or say anything against it.

V Muraleedharan said on the cleanliness of CPI

On the clarification given by CPI, Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan said that whatever the party thinks about the Constitution, this is what Cherian has said. It is not a slip of the tongue. Cherian in his speech insulted the Indian Constitution. This is his anti-national statement. The more surprising thing is that he is now clarifying. They don’t know anything about the constitution.

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