The video made by this gangster inside the jail went viral: Watch the video


A video of gangster Aamna Uba has been leaked from a Punjab jail. In the video, the gangster is seen coming out of his barrack in full stress. Aamna, the cap-clad gangster, puts his hands in both his bottom pockets and steps out without a hitch.

After the video was leaked, there was a commotion in the prison administration. Immediately after this, the gangster’s barracks were searched. A mobile phone is said to have been recovered from the barracks. Apart from this, an FIR has also been filed against the accused gangster Aamna. It may be mentioned that gangster Amna Uba attacked gangster Kulbir Noorwana in Bathinda a few years ago. Gangster Amna Uba has also been the sarpanch of the village.

Even before this, many videos have gone viral
Even before this, many videos of gangsters from the jails of Punjab have gone viral. Gangsters are making videos from inside prisons. There have been revelations of the use of drugs and mobile phones in prisons. Even the alleged interview of notorious gangster Lawrence from Bathinda’s high security jail has become public.

A video of the gangsters of the Lawrence gang lodged in Goindwal jail celebrating has surfaced. Gangsters Sachin Bhiwani, Deepak Mundy and Ankit Sirsa were seen in this video. The said gangsters of Lawrence gang made this video after killing two associates of gangster Jaggu Bhagwanpuria gang in Goindwal jail.

Question on claims of Chief Minister and DGP
Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann and DGP Punjab Gaurav Yadav have been calling for strengthening law and order and strict security arrangements in jails from time to time. But every time the gangsters are raising questions on the Punjab government and the Punjab police by releasing videos from inside the jails. It is clear from the videos coming out one after another from the jails of Punjab that there has been no reduction in the cases of gangsters using mobile phones.

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