The stock market reached a new high, fearing a sharp decline


Despite the rapid expansion of the corona delta form globally, the stock market reached a new high last week on the strength of all-round buying in anticipation of a faster economy due to the limited range at the domestic level.

Markets are expected to pick up next week, but analysts are also up Fear of falling Is. Vinod Nair, head of research at Geojit Financial Services, said, โ€œPositive economic data is signaling economic recovery. The market is likely to remain bullish in the long run. However, the decline in the short term cannot be ruled out.

stock market reached
stock market reached

Nirali Shah, Head Equity, Smacko Securities, said, โ€œThe Q1 financial results of most domestic companies have been better than expected. In the absence of large-scale activity, global trends will determine the movement of the market. On the domestic front, WPI inflation figures will be released on Monday, said Santosh Meena, head of research at Swastik Investments. In addition, the market will keep an eye on the trends of foreign institutional investors and the dollar index. The stock market will be closed on Thursday on the occasion of Muharram.

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