The Sikh martial art Gatka became part of the National Games

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has included Punjab’s traditional martial art Gatka as an exhibition sport in the National Games to be held in Goa in October this year. Medals won in exhibition games are not included in the medal list. But Gatka being a part of the National Games this year means that it could be included as a competitive sport in the next Games.

Indian National Gatka Association president Harjit Singh Grewal said, “We have been waiting for the sport to be recognized by the IOA for a long time.” The inclusion of four indigenous sports including gatka and kalaripayattu was approved. Gatka is a style of martial arts that uses three to 3.5 feet long wooden sticks and a leather shield to block an opponent.

Gatka is the martial art of the Sikhs which includes the complete art of fighting and fighting with enemies. Any woman or man can take its training. Nihang Singh is an expert in this art. One of the countless arts is armor. One of these styles is Gatka, which is prevalent in many parts of Punjab and North India.

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