The same news from 2 cities of Punjab! Both embarrassingly thought provoking!


Bureau report : In the 2 pictures and news that have come from Jalandhar and Moga about drugs, a ‘Ulti wad khet kau khai’ is true. The policeman who was supposed to take strict action against drugs was seen drunk in Jalandhar. The employee was a resident of Amritsar and his name is said to be Rahul. His condition was such that he was not even able to stand up and was not able to speak. People gave him water and there is an injection mark on his arm which shows that he also takes white drugs. People captured the actions of the policeman on video. He had other companions along with the drunken policemen but when the commotion broke out, they left.

It happened because of medicine

After drinking water from the people, when the policeman regained consciousness, he told that his condition was due to consuming 5 tablets. While people said that the medicine which he claimed to be taking, even taking half of its pill makes him worse. But he used to take 5 tablets. Even before this, 2 policemen have created a ruckus due to intoxication. 2 policemen of ASI rank were intoxicated and vandalized the vehicles.

Death due to drug overdose in Moga

A 25-year-old youth has died of drug overdose in Moga’s Kota Mohammad Khan village. The deceased youth has been identified as Nagendra Singh. In this case, the Moga police have registered a case against Simranjit Kaur village Nurpur Hakim and her 2 associates and have also arrested a woman.

The deceased had gone to a friend’s house

In the statement given to the police, Nagendra’s uncle Lakhbir Singh said that his nephew was addicted to drugs for the last 4 years. Last night he went to Nurpur Hakim with his friend. It was in his house from where it was informed that his nephew had died of an overdose.

After three months of marriage, the deceased got divorced

Lakhbir Singh said that he admitted the deceased nephew to the center about three times to get rid of drugs. But he could not give up drugs all the three times. He got married two and a half years ago. But the divorce happened within 3 months. Dharamkot police station SHO Jaswinder Singh said the cause of death was drug overdose.

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